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@will.mcfarlane6 was solo on the boards today making a start on the hoggets.
Glorious Hampshire.
What a glorious day, but I’m really not feeling the sunshine.  Still wondering how life can be so cruel.
As the boys get bigger the toys get more expensive!  Apparently @will.mcfarlane6 just couldn’t live without this @heinigershearing_uk Icon SFX hand piece from @hornershearingofficial  I’m hoping it guarantees 300 a day!
We are really saddened not to have made it to this years Watercress Festival, but at the moment it was still a little much for us.
Once we’ve turned out our ewes and lambs we like to make sure that they are getting everything they need, because the fresh spring grass can be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. So we give them @crystalyxuk Extra Energy mineral buckets which allows both the ewes and lambs ad-lib access to everything they need.
How’s this for service!  Just need to top up the boys combs and cutters, so at 3:00pm yesterday afternoon I placed an order with @hornershearingofficial as we normally would. This ordered was delivered before 11:00am this morning with their standard delivery!  I personally think that’s impressive!
False sense of hope!  We thought we’d fixed the bloody thing!  It worked, then it didn’t!  Still doing an amazing impression of a very expensive ornament.  I’m sure we are long overdue a little bit of luck!
I’ve been told an awful lot lately that I need to be kind to myself. I decided that today this meant a little treat. So we hit the Slush Truck (Shop) and a large Rhubarb & Custard Slushy certainly hit the spot.  We kept saying that we were going to visit the @slushtruck shop, but I’m trying to get out of the habit of saying but never doing.
Thank goodness that Lambing is as good as finished for 2024. Ordinarily it has always been my favourite time of year, but for obvious reasons I’ve found it a real struggle. If I’m being fair the actual lambing itself has been good this year, and the boys have done a great job. We are blessed to be allowed access to some amazing facilities for lambing, which this year more than any other has made life so much easier, not only that but the support has been greatly appreciated. I’m not going to lie, the past couple of months have been confusing, physically and emotionally draining and just generally overwhelming, and we are still struggling to see the way forward. The whole reason we began this journey was to try and give the boys a future, but this has become so much more difficult now I’m having to navigate this alone. I think that we have made the decision that we just cannot physically continue with the farmers markets. Although we are doing our best to get back up and running with the Lamb Van. It was supposed to be a huge year for us, but I have just started working my way through the diary in an attempt to see what I need to cancel and what we are able to do, so please bear with me. Once again we are so grateful for all the support we have received.
Can anything else possibly go wrong today????
May the fourth be with ewe.
And a-bloody-gain!
First visit on my own. Really struggling with the realisation that everything in life is now on my own.
Trying to grasp hold of a little bit of life from before. It’s the first Meon Hut of the year which was always a family trip for us. Let’s see what rubbish we come home with this time.
Someone is actually taking the michael now!
We’ve been a bit quiet on the old lambing pictures front this year. We are still trying to navigate our way through things, so priorities don’t seem the same.
This is more like it!  The suns out and so are the lambs.
Not how I had planned to start lambing.
Tractoring again.
Yesterday we laid Katie to rest, and the day just showed how many lives she touched with over 150 people attending her service. The loss of Katie has not only had a profound effect on us as a family but also a profound effect on our family business. Katie was the public face of The Hampshire Shepherd and without her we are more than a little lost and unsure how to take the business forward. We are beyond grateful for all the support shown by our friends and customers and once we have figured this out you will be the first to know.
As you know we are taking some time to take stock of where we are now going with the business. Obviously without Katie we are really limited on what we can physically do. But the boys are taking the opportunity to work on their tractors. William has finally managed to get the correct front wheels and tyres on his. Getting there slowly.
I need the help of our wonderful friends and followers. A little while ago Katie nominated our amazing butcher @kev.horn for @countryside_alliance_ca Rural Business Awards - Butcher of the Year. What I would ask, as a tribute to Katie, could you find a few minutes to vote for Kevin. It would have meant the world to Katie. Link in bio.
Just in case anyone missed it.
Just in case anyone has missed it.
Bloody lambs!
Apparently Young Farmers is a hungry business.
I guess big boys have big boys toys.
We’re on the move.
Another day another tractor.
We seem to have ended up with a handling trailer trailer!
In my day we just had bottles of Lucozade in our tractors. Now it’s bottles of whatever that is! 🤣
I guess it’s a tractor kind of day.
It’s International Women’s Day and there is only one person that we can honour. Wife, Mother and someone who was loved by everyone who’s life she touched. Rest in Peace 02/02/1980 - 21/02/2024.
The Celebration of Katie’s Life will take place on Tuesday 26th March 12:00pm at Binsted Church. Katie’s wishes were no black, please wear bright colours and come however you feel comfortable.  If you do wish to bring a floral tribute, a simple bunch of Daffodils would give Katie no end of joy. Parking at Binsted Church is very limited, so we ask that you park at Binsted Recreation Ground opposite The Binsted Inn. If you plan on coming back to Penn Croft Winery after the service to continue celebrating Katie’s life we would ask that you RSVP via email just so we have an idea of numbers. katiescelebration2024@gmail.com
IMPORTANT NOTICE. Unfortunately The Hampshire Shepherd will not be trading for the near future.  It’s with a very heavy heart that we need to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of my wife Katie. Obviously with our sons, Joshua and William we are solely a family run business, and Katie was a huge and vital part of this. Currently we aren’t even sure how the business will be able to move forward without her. This only happened on Wednesday morning and we are still in complete shock. Thank for your patience and understanding. Iain, Joshua & William.
Our favourite knife man has been nominated for Best Butcher in the Countryside Alliance Awards. We couldn’t do what we do without him, so if you would like to vote here’s the link https://www.research.net/r/CAA24SEBiz
Saturday sees us by the seaside at Emsworth Farmers Market. Then Sunday we are back at Secretts for Milford Farmers Market.
The Lamb Van will be at our weekly pitch at Liss Pavilion on Thursday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Then something a little different on Friday evening. Our friends at Hogmoor Distillery are holding their inaugural Sausage & Cider evening. They will be joined by Hyde Cyder and guess who’s providing the sausages.
Friday night at Hogmoor Distillery is going to be a big one. It’s Sausage & Cider time!  They are being joined by the fabulous Hydes Cyder and we will be providing our Lamb Sausages. So it’s promising to be a great night.
It’s Monday morning, guess where we are off to!
We will be back at our regular weekly pitch at Liss Pavilion on Thursday between 5:00pm & 8:00pm. Fingers crossed the weather is a little better this week.
Despite the absolutely horrendous weather more of the wonderful people of Liss came out to see us than we could have even hoped.  Thank you Liss you’re amazing!  See you next week, 🤞🏻it’s dry.
Petersfield Farmers Market menu
Sausage of the Month is our new flavour Fire Cracker!  Add a little spice to your February!  Pop down to Petersfield Farmers Market today.
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