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Professional SHepherding

Shepherding in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex

The Hampshire Shepherd provides professional shepherding services throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. From shearing, to foot care, to worming, to vaccinations, to transportation and more. Contact The Hampshire Shepherd to see how we can help with your shepherding needs.

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Shepherding Services

Shepherding services, to mainly small flocks, has always been an integral part of the business. From the very early days, Iain offered general shepherding and sheep shearing across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. He learnt his trade the old-fashioned way, on the job, from local shepherds keen to pass on their years of experience.

With the next generation beginning to take up the baton and learning their trade, Joshua and William are really becoming very talented and competent shepherds. Both boys are really into their sheep shearing and its related culture.
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Foot Care, Worming, Vaccinating, Transporting & More

The Hampshire Shepherd is able to offer all types of professional shepherding services, specializing in small flocks and small flock shearing. We can help with foot care, worming, vaccinating, general advice or anything else that you or your sheep require.

We also offer livestock transportation. Not only having almost 30 years of experience transporting livestock, but Iain has also been a qualified livestock transporter for over 20 years, having transported livestock all over the country for DEFRA. Placing us to be able to handle all of your livestock transportation needs. Whether it is abattoir or market runs, shows or just general transport.
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Your local shepherd

If you require holiday cover for your flock, smallholding or farm, for just the odd day or regular visits, we have almost 30 years of experience with all types of livestock.

If there is anything The Hampshire Shepherd can do to support you on your livestock journey, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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