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Local. Sustainable. Ethical.

Ethical and somewhat unconventional sheep farming in the heart of Hampshire. Take a look behind how we run our farm and what makes our sheep so special.

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Sheep Farming in Hampshire

The Hampshire Shepherd, as the name would suggest, is firmly based in the beautiful county of Hampshire, although we are close to the Surrey and West Sussex borders. Our farming model is not what you would consider textbook.

We don’t actually have a farm in the traditional sense. We don’t own any land or buildings. We don’t even have the luxury of formally renting land. All of our grazing is on a casual basis which can make it very difficult to manage the flock and can often cause a lot more work with operating miles of electric fencing and having to move sheep around the countryside.
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Sheep Farming, THe way it should be done

We have been extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to lamb our flock on a local farm, which has been amazing for us.

Our ethos is Local, Sustainable and Ethical. This is how we go out of our way to manage not only our sheep and our grazing, but also our business in general.

We do not use any form of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides to manage our land. We do our best to keep everything as natural as possible. We do our best to keep our stocking rates low, and we manage weeds in the traditional way by cutting them.

Our ultimate dream is to find a farm of our own to allow us to really build a future for our family.
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